The LEAP Content Team have added the following NEW critical dates to Calendar & Tasks in NSW general conveyancing matter types (i.e. all sale, purchase and transfer matter types) in Desktop:

Building Inspection Due Date Pest Inspection Due Date Swimming Pool Inspection Date
Finance Due Date Stamp Duty Due Date Deposit Bond Expiry Date
Land Tax Clearance Cert Due Date FRCGW Clearance Cert Due Date Priority Notice Expiry Date
Special Condition Due Date Subject to Sale Exchange Date Subject to Sale Completion Date
Option Exercise Date

While some critical dates may not generally relate to standard NSW conveyancing practices, they have been included at the request and benefit of our border clients.

Due to the complexity of separating the Completion/Settlement Date, there will be a further release for this in the near future.

To greatly assist your workflow, your can create “Recurring Task” templates or “Due Date Tasks” based on the critical dates entered within your matter (which integrate with Outlook).  Tasks you can set from these Dates include, for example, Order Searches, Submit Requisitions on Title, Submit Transfer, Submit Settlement Figures, Book Settlement etc.

See LEAP Communities to create Recurring Task templates across your conveyancing matters so that these are created once and used on multiple matters.

See LEAP Communities to also create Due Date Tasks.  Within the Task created, you can also:

  • Assign a Task to other staff
  • Add/record Time/Fee Entry
  • Create and email Status Reports to staff
  • Set a Follow Up
  • Set Recurrence
  • Assign to another Matter
  • Mark Complete

Tasks created will appear in the Tasks List of the matter and will be crossed/grayed out when you mark them as Complete (to assist when you don’t have the physical file with you):

LEAP Tasks example

You will also receive ‘Task Due Notifications’ in your matter lists.  These notifications are hyperlinks, therefore you can click on them and you will be taken directly to the Task itself in the matter:

For more articles regarding Calendar & Tasks see LEAP Communities.

NOTE: If you would like the new critical dates to appear in your “existing” matters, you will need to change the matter type to a different matter type, save, and then change back again to the correct matter type to “refresh” the critical date scheme.

Provide feedback on the new critical dates here.

NEW Critical Dates added to Calendar & Tasks in NSW general conveyancing matter types